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Courtesy of Caledonia Curry (Tunisia, 2014)


   I consider teaching to be a central component of my academic career and   

   appreciate the opportunity to help form students into more analytical and 

   critical citizens.

I have taught courses since 2004 at both the undergraduate and master’s levels at Marquette University, El Colegio de México and ITESO University.


I currently lead two study abroad courses in Mexico -in partnership with ITESO- that concentrate on urban public policy and local economic development, with a large field-work component. Before joining Marquette, I taught courses in Development Theory and Policy, Mexican Economic History, and Public Finance.

University of Southern California

  • Urban Politics in the Global South
    Fall 2023 

  • The Political Economy of Latin American Development
    Fall 2023

Marquette University, Dept. of Political Science

  • Comparative Urban Political Economy in the Global South
    Fall 2018, 2020, 2022; Spring 2019, 2021, 2022

  • Engaging the City: Urban Challenges in Milwaukee and Guadalajara
    Spring 2020

  • Urban Public Policy: Guadalajara. Faculty-led summer course in Guadalajara in ITESO Summer 2022

  • Latin American Politics

       Spring 2023

Marquette University, Dept. of Economics

  • Principles of Microeconomics (in Spanish)
    Fall 2018; Spring 2019

  • Urban Public Policy and Finance in Latin American Cities
    Fall 2020, 2022; Spring 2021

  • Local Development: social entrepreneurship. Faculty-led course in Guadalajara in ITESO
    Spring 2020, 2022, 2023

El Colegio de México, CEDUA

  • Urban Political Economy
    Fall 2017; Spring 2018

ITESO University, Dept. of Politics and Public Policy

  • Development Theory and Policy
    Springs of 2011 to 2015

  • Public Finance
    Falls of 2011 to 2015

ITESO University, Dept. of Economics and Business

  • Development Theory and Policy
    Springs of 2004 to 2006

  • Mexican Economic History
    Falls of 2004 to 2006

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